Perth Ka Huna Massage


Perth Ka Huna


Massage • Nurture • Revive





A safe, clear and supportive environment is created with each session, to help facilitate each client's experience of self-healing!

A short consultation takes place prior to each session. This assists both client and therapist in deciding on an intention.

During the massage, it helps to turn all your attention to the breath. Each inhalation offers a chance to draw fresh energy and inspiration into the body-mind. Each exhalation, an opening to free tensions, to let go of anything that limits the deepening of your experience.

It's often described as a dance or a journey.

If you would like to express a particular need or hurt, feel free to inform the practitioner at any moment during the massage.


  • Unfolds a calming sense of peace and deep relaxation

  • Offers an opening for self-awareness and self-love

  • Encourages energy to naturally flow more freely

  • Aids healing in the digestive, circulatory, immune and lymphatic systems. Stimulates rapid recovery of injuries.

  • Lovingly releases unwanted beliefs and entanglements

  • Retrieves clarity, confidence and empowerment


Each "Ka Huna" massage you receive is beautifully unique! 

Sometimes it's deeply healing and relaxing, sometimes it's being intimately connected within, even while unlocking stuck emotions during the journey with a breath or a smile.

Finally there's a renewal!! An awareness of lightness, expansion, heightened energy, clarity and connection.


Ka Huna Massage

The magic and power of this healing system goes beyond what words are able to express. When experienced Ka Huna bodywork, people are amazed by the engery they receive for the healing sessions.


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