I’ve had many amazing kahuna massages with Luciano and most recently several pregnancy massages.. I cannot recommend Luciano enough, the quality of honour, love and care that he works with and holds is indescribable.
— Rangi S.

Luciano is incredible at his craft, I always walk away feeling nurtured, balanced and relaxed he has a gentle but masculine way of holding space for the feminine that is truly amazing and something I felt drawn to work with more this year as I normally received Kahuna from a female therapist.
For me working with Kahuna style massage with a male therapist there really needed to be an element of trust and I 100% trust Luciano and feel safe to allow the massage to flow , he always reminds me to breathe and keep letting go throughout the massages and I love that each massage I have had with him has been completely different but amazing in its own unique way.
Thanks Luciano see you again next month
— Sarah K.

It is rare to find people who can be grounded, loving, nurturing and supportive and really hold space for those in need. I went for a massage with Luciano at my most vulnerable, unlike most who would coax me out of this, his presence gave me the courage to go even deeper into it. I have a chronic injury in my neck, he went at it with confidence and truth and it feels substantially better. Most importantly I am more in touch with my injury and empowered for the challenging self-healing that is required. With deep gratitude....
— Jodi R.

Luciano massage was amazing !!! Super professional and felt like really deep experience when he was massaging me.
Would highly recommend him.
— Ali A.

Special grounded caring and nurturing. A massage with Luciano took me deep within and left me feeling wonderful. Thanks Luciano
— Sophie K.