The magic and power of this healing system goes beyond what words are able to express. When experienced Ka Huna bodywork, people are amazed by the energy they receive for the healing sessions.

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Ka Huna Massage

90 MINUTES $100

Soft and deep tissue for body, mind and spirit


Floor Massage.JPG

Polynesian Floor Massage

60 MINUTES $80

Integrated stress release, bone and joint massage & structural realignment (fully clothed bodywork).

***Now Introducing***

4 hand massage


$ on request

A hands on Hawaiian style massage provided by a Male and Female Ka Huna practitioner.

4 hands; 1 recipient.

The energy is like no other.

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Lomi Lomi

60 MINUTES $80

A hands on Hawaiian style massage excellent for lymph system and heart opening.

For reservations or information:

Every practitioner makes you safe and treats you to what you need. Draping, wrapping, cleansing rituals are used to enhance the healing effectively.